Mac Miller Last days, performance and interview

RIP mac miller

Mac Miller (real name Malcolm James McCormick) was a promising American rapper, singer, song producer and song writer born on January 19, 1992. Miller’s career started at a very young age of 15 and soon he was signed by Rostrum Records in 2010. He released a record breaking album early in his career named as ‘Blue Slide Park’. Some of his other famous albums were ‘Watching movies with the sound off’, ‘The divine feminine’ and ‘swimming’. He was also nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2019.

However, his success was unfortunately short-lived and on 7th September 2018, the music community lost a rising star at a very young age of just 26 due to accidental drug overdose. Mac Miller still has a huge fanbase for the amazing tracks he wrote. His fans shower their love for the rapper by buying his merchandise is huge amounts.

Last days of Mac Miller

The last days of the famous American rapper were quite sad. It was as if he saw it coming and just lost. The autopsy report Miller showed that he died due to a combination of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol.

The court proceedings revealed that the last days of Mac Miller involved him spending extravagantly of drugs and prostitutes. The court charged 3 people connected to Mac Miller’s death and the two of them were Mia Johansson and Cameron James Pettit. The court revealed Miller’s text messages in communication with Pettit asking for different kinds of drugs. On the other hand, Miller’s conversations with Johansson revealed Miller asking what girls were available and that he should be delivered drugs via those sex workers.

However, all his last days were not this dark. He is also reported to be extremely happy a week before this incident. Miller invited his close friend Thundercat and his daughter to his home to celebrate the girl’s birthday. Thundercat recalls happy memories of Miller from that day.

The rapper also sang happy birthday song and spent time with his friends joking and teasing each other.
Miller is also reported to have spent the day before his death with his friends watching a football game. The match was when Philadelphia Eagles played against the Atlanta Falcons.

Mac Miller Last performance

Miller was a true music lover and even with all his problems, he kept on performing his songs for the people. His last performance came just 3 days before his death. The performance is said to be electric by the people who attended and the passion for music of the rapper can be seen in the videos of his last performance.

The performance was rather a very small one. Only around 100 people attended, and it took place at the Hotel Café in Hollywood. The performance is said to be a preparation for his nationwide tour later in October. Miller performed around 12 songs there including his very famous ‘Hurt Feelings’ from the album ‘Swimming’.

Mac Miller Last interview

Miller’s last interview was with Vulture’s Craig Jenkins. He talked about several things in that interview including his breakup with Ariana Grande, the May car crash, his addiction, the pressure of being famous and the anxiety of public image. Miller is quoted to have said “A lot of times in my life I’ve put this pressure to hold myself to the standard of whatever I thought I was supposed to be, or how I was supposed to be perceived” in that interview. This clearly depicts how much pressurized he was due to his public perception.

He talked openly about his addiction problem and how it was one of the constituting reasons for this breakup with Ariana. Miller was certainly a very brave man and he showed it in that interview.

Miller also talked about his new album ‘swimming’ and how it was gaining popularity so quickly. Overall, the interview was not like the one that he could predict what was about to happen. Things were rather normal.

Miller really was a guy full of life and you can still show him love by getting his merchandise collection as hoodies and shirts from our website. He was a guy with utter coolness and style and his merch is, after all, the best way his fans can promote his hard work and messages across the globe. So place your orders and pay tribute to your favorite right away!

Mac Miller Last days, performance and interview

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