The Tragic Death of Mac Miller [The Full Story]

cause of mac miller death

Malcolm James McCormick (Jan. 19, 1992 – Sept. 7, 2018) was an American artist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Going by the stage name of Mac Miller, the artist is also one of the major contributors of the contemporary Hip Hop and R&B world we’re a part of today. He started his successful journey with the launch of his first mixtape at a tender age of 15. This point marked the time he started upping the charts and becoming the legend he is known to be today!

Last Album

Swimming was Mac Miller’s last album recorded during his lifetime. The fifth studio album proved to be a success, coming up after his breakup with his then ex-girlfriend Ariana. Mac, in this album sang about attempted to ‘float to the land’- facing all hurdles and problems he was facing.

His songs were centered about how he strived to avoid sinking from the pressure of all the difficulties all the while healing his ‘fractured spirit’.

Swimming is one of Miller’s complete classics as it taught not just his fans, but everyone across the globe the importance of self care, self love, and self growth. Mac also discussed the contrast between his hardships and a renewed sense of hope and positivity in this album.

The late rapper was in process of recording his sixth studio album ‘Circles’. The album was supposed to be the companion piece to his fifth album, with the overall concept overall being as ‘Swimming in Circles’. ‘Circles’ was further produced to portray Miller pushing away his turmoil with a renewed sense of positivity and energetic determination.

According to Guardian, Circles suggests that Miller did a good job, taking his role in pushing the borders of rap, punk, pop and beyond in the 21st century and rendering any medium that is bit richer in the process.
The album was critically acclaimed and topped 3 of US charts after its posthumous release. Fans still remember the artist for his music and the legacy he left behind on the whole music community.

Cause Of Mac Miller Death

On September 7, 2018, Mac Miller, at the age of 26, was found dead at his Studio City home. The cause of death as reported by Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, was accidental overdose. He died from intake of deadly mixture of cocaine, entanyl, and alcohol. The coroner concluded that Miller’s passing was accidental due to “mixed drug toxicity” from what was determined as a “recreational” drug usage.

The report identified the substances which were contained in Miller’s apartment when he died. “A plastic bag that held a white powdery material was on a small table along the studio room’s north wall,” it detailed.

The report also explained the following details from the investigated scene:

“An ipad with circular white powdery residue was observed on a different table along the Studio room’s north wall. On the desk along the studio’s east wall was noticed an empty bottle of liquor. A container of prescription medicine given to the decedent had been noticed inside the master bedroom. Within the wardrobe at the bathroom’s west wall was noted a bag containing a white powdery material and several loose pills within a coat’s pocket…. In the right pocket, a folded 20-dollar bill with a white powdery coating has been noticed. An empty 750ml bottle of liquor on the west side of the bed was noted at a nightstand.”
After the death and autopsy of the body, the investigation led to charging of three men colluding and dispensing cocaine and oxycodone pills laced with entanyl. This is what had caused the overdose and eventually the death of Mac Miller.
“Three men have been arrested and charged for the rapper’s death”, quoted the BBC.

Last Days and Moments

Miller had struggled with the drug abuse in the past and he had been very open about it. But according to his friends and family it was still a shock because in his last days he had seemed to be completely fine and happy.

He had enjoyed watching football with his friends on the day before he died. Furthermore, his health reports suggested a constant improvement in his emotional and physical health over the years.

After 2016, Miller had even partnered with his recovery mentor and went to L.A. Gym, almost every day.
According to his longtime producer Eric Dan, Mac was inspirational for his passion for music. He never stopped from the day he met him till the week before he passed.

The news of Miller passing away had brought Eric major shock because the artist had really looked forward and was excited to go on his upcoming tour for his well received album.

The Funeral

Miller appointed his mother, father, and brother as the beneficiaries in his will. He was buried in a Jewish burial at Homewood Graveyard, in his hometown of Pittsburgh. The family had conducted the burial in a private and quiet way with bare minimum media coverage.

All-stars Concert

In Los Angeles at Greek’s theatre, the rapper’s career was honored with an all-star testimonial for Mac Miller’s fund. It featured sets from numerous well reputed celebrities including SZA, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla$ign, John Mayer, Anderson. Paak, Miguel, Thundercat, Action Bronson, and ScHoolBoy Q.

The entire show was also broadcasted live online. Each artist had taken a turn to present a small collection and many chose to perform their previous Miller collabs too.

The show ended with a display of a large photo of Mac Miller, covering the scene by a then by unreleased song. Overall, the event had been an honorable way to pay respect to the work of the artist.

The net profits from ticket purchases were announced to be given to the Mac Miller Circles Fund (MMCF). It’s a newly founded organization that offers programs, support and incentives for young people from underserved and less-privileged communities.
Hearing the news of Miller’s passing away, various artists on their social media platforms had offered their condolences and tribute to Mac. Ariana Grande was also among those well-wishers. She paid a tribute to Miller on her Sweetener tour and even at the Grammys. She also took to her Instagram account to show her love for the deceased artist.

Legacy of Mac Miller

The artist is still greatly appreciated and acknowledged not only in his genre but in the overall music industry. He is one of the best acclaimed music producing artists in the Hip-pop community.
His love for music will never be forgotten. His huge fan-base continues even today to listen to his masterpieces and remember his words and messages.

He has and will remain successful in connecting with the hearts of his fans while encouraging them to fight depression, anxiety and promoting mental health. His lyrics describing his own difficulties further strengthened his bond with his listeners.

Miller highlighted his war against substance abuse and how he’s working to overcome it with strong determination. This further highlights the artist, making him more legendary to the world.

The death of Mac Miller has been a great loss to the music community as well as his fans and listeners. Throughout his life, Miller had become an icon- a symbol of hope- who worked hard to spread vibrance among the younger generation by his music.
His character had been one of a kind. His hometown friends had nothing but praises for this great human and an amazing and hard working artist.

The Mac miller merchandise available worldwide has the same motive and goal: to continue to spread the legacy of the deceased legend. The merchandise is a means to promote not just the work of the rapper, but his beliefs and messages too. His merchandize consists of a wide range of items from the comfortable hoodies to the infamous and iconic hats.
They all are designed to spread Miller’s message and the cause that the artist himself believed in with passion. Throughout his life, Mac had been an amazing human, full of generosity and kindness. He also never once forgot to give back credit to his hometown for every milestone he achieved and every success he gained.

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The Tragic Death of Mac Miller [The Full Story]

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