Where is Mac Miller buried – Complete Details

where is mac miller buried

And that sad day, it wasn’t just Mac Miller who died. It felt as if the music was dead.

One fine day, Mac Miller visited the Homewood Cemetery to shoot his music album. That place influenced him a bit too much. But in what way? That was hard to tell.

Little did his fans knew that this shoot location would become such a significant place for the global sensation, Mac Miller. The late rapper was oblivious as well. How would he have known the twists and turns his life was to take before coming to a screeching halt.

But was this a mere coincidence? Or were there more sinister reasons behind? Continue reading to know.

Where it all started?

Years before his death, the late rapper began retreating to this very cemetery. On his funeral, you might have spotted his parents, grandparents and siblings coming along. But when Mac was alive, he used to visit that very cemetery on lonely nights.

Now that’s odd! Why would a young musician hang out at a graveyard, out of all the places on this planet? Well, let’s hear it from Mac Miller himself. According to his comments on this, he told that the cemetery was his inspiration.

Mac Miller has never shied away from showing this dark side of him to his fans. He told that he began visiting that very place when he was very young. He would drink and smoke without having to bear all those gazes. How calming would the experience have been?

Nike’s on my feet

Hence, now it won’t come to you as a surprise why Homewood became home to Mac’s video song. The choice wouldn’t have been hard for him. After all, his once familiar place also hosted the coffins of Errol Garner and David Lytle Clark.

As some of you know, Errol was a world-famous Jazz pianist. David ran his own candies brand. Despite of being dead, these individuals showcased the kind of company Mac would pick on any day.

The song became a global anthem. The video took the fans with appreciation and delight. While listening to this song on repeat, who knew Mac would be buried in that very place.

The end of an era…

“All the world’s a stage and people merely characters.”

Mac Miller’s will goes on to reflect the kind of benevolent and generous person he had been. Although he entrusted his immovable property to his parents and siblings, his other properties and cash were packed into his own trust.

Thus, Hip Hop Star came into being. His listeners stood proud. Their idol had not only left a fortune for his fam but also contributed a lot towards philanthropic activities. So well thought!

While we still waited for the medical personals to comment on his toxicology report, it was clear that the star had dedicated quite a bit of time devising this well put will. Kudos to Mac for addressing the sections of the population that probably were ever looked upon.

Gone too soon

The reports indicated what Mac’s listeners had suspected already. Yes, you guessed it right. A drug overdose it was.
While his body was flown to Pittsburgh for the final Jewish rituals, Mac’s family prepared for the burial ceremonies. 7th September was one hell of a gloomy day.

Pennsylvania never felt colder and sadder. The musician who shot a song in Pennsylvania had now abandoned the place and gone too far. We hope Pennsylvania proves to be good resting place for our favorite celebrity.

Breaking news and broken hearts

mac millere funeral

2018 took Mac away from us. Mac’s personal assistant reported his unresponsiveness and toxicity from cocaine and alcohol abuse. Since Mac was at his place, 911 had to be called.

Hard luck? By 11:51a.m, when paramedics arrived, Mac’s soul had departed from our world. All that was left behind was Mac’s masterpieces sitting on our playlists.

His friends and closed associates were quick to react. They poured in their support for Mac’s Circled Funds. Afterall, the tune of this busy world had to play.

The legacy lives

Oceans of fans gathered at the local park to commemorate the achievements of their heart throb. The turn out was so huge that the Blue side Park was dedicated as remembrance place for Mac. Feels as if he’s still around, no?

The music community also missed Mac dearly. So much so that they arranged a concert. Since, Mac had always been an advocate of community building and youth arts, the proceeds from Celebration of Life were invested in the same noble causes.

In his memory, donations, and charity of around $700,000 were amassed. These were bestowed on noble initiatives like musical training and drug rehabilitation. In short, the world accepted that Mac Miller is a legend that will never die in our hearts.

Digging for facts

Mac Miller’s death remained a mystery for long before 3 men got arrested in 2019. Investigations revealed that Cameron James Pettit facilitated Mac in substance abuse. Substance abuse became a pit hole that Mac could never climb out of.

Down the supply chain were Ryan Reavis and Stephen Walter. Together these three men took away from the music industry an asset that was priceless. All poor Mac asked for were harmless painkillers.

Mac snorted the pills and waved goodbye to his lovers. It all begins form drug distribution. The rest is history.

All I could Say

Whatever the reason had been, we lost a gem. Mac’s funeral services were widely followed as his fan clubs couldn’t resist. Very rightly so.

The historical and non-sectorial cemetery got to host a body that’s much more than a body. No denying that. Attendants joined in from inside as well as outside of United States.

Dearest Mac, we hope and pray the soil of Homewood cemetery proves to be good host to you. We wish that your songs continue to inspire us every day. We believe that the causes you begun will continue to flourish. Rest in peace, sir.

Where is Mac Miller buried – Complete Details

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